VANCOUVER -- Our summer gatherings look different this year because of COVID-19.

Lifestyle and style expert Afiya Francisco joined CTV Morning Live to provide inspiration on how we can spend quality time with those in our bubble outdoors.

Francisco recommends taking advantage of the hikes and trails that are available in British Columbia.

This is a safe and physically distanced way to gather.

Francisco says you can make it feel like a game with your family be making an effort to discover new hikes or trails.

Outdoor concerts have been cancelled, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy one at home.

Francisco says that you can create an atmosphere with music and style at your next gathering.

Francisco recommended making a custom playlist and adding some Canada Day shirts from Joe Fresh or linen tees that you can tie dye to create a theme.

If you're looking for something quieter, Franscisco mentioned traveling to Chapters Indigo or taking advantage of their curbside pickup.

She suggested starting a backyard book club or creating a summer reading list with your friends to enjoy.

If you are spending time outdoors Franscisco talked about the importance of sun safety. 

Francisco recommended the Hawaiian Tropic Weightless Collection.

It smells of summer, is light on the skin and provides the sun protection you need.

A few additional outdoor accessories Francisco recommended included All Birds sustainable running shoes. 

The same company has come out with an undergarment collection of sustainable styles.

The items are made with eucalyptus tree and merino wool, which keeps the environmental impact low.

For strenuous outdoor activities Francisco recommended Secret Aluminium Free deodorant

After all the outdoor fun Francisco says a nice hot bath is the ultimate way to unwind.

To elevate your bath experience she says Dove Nourishing Secrets bath products are a great way to go.

Afiya Francisco

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