A 94-year-old driver is recovering after a collision in Maple Ridge sent his truck sliding down an embankment, Mounties say.

His truck collided with another on Dewdney Trunk Road near 252nd Street Wednesday evening, sparking a challenging technical rescue.

The truck, with the driver inside, slid down an embankment and ended up on its roof. The windows were smashed by the impact.

Maple Ridge firefighters used ropes to navigate the steep hillside, and were eventually able to get to the driver.

"Amazingly, he suffered no injuries, but was transported to hospital as a precaution," said Const. Julie Klaussner.

Exactly what caused the crash is unclear, but both pickups involved appeared to have significant damage.

"There is nothing suspicious about the cause of this incident," Klaussner said.

The truck that remained on the road had major damage along the passenger's side.