The McBarge, a rundown former McDonald's restaurant considered one of the most popular attractions at Expo 86, may soon be resurrected in Mission, B.C.

Developer Howard Meakin won unanimous approval from Mission's new district council this week to move the barge and outfit it with a café, bar and seafood restaurant inside. Meakin, who was one of the major forces behind the revitalization of  Vancouver's Gastown, also plans to construct a marina for tour operators and potentially a floatplane terminal for service to Vancouver Island.

"I think this is probably the best good news story Mission's had in over ten years," Mission Mayor Ted Adlem told CTV News.

The mayor says the project has high public support and could be a major turning point for the community.

"I believe that the Meakin project will highlight our waterfront and I'm hoping it'll be the driving force to begin some major new development on our waterfront," Adlem said.

Meakin bought the debilitated barge in 1999 and tried to turn it into a terminal for a ferry business located near downtown Vancouver. That project didn't pan out and he began planning to set up in the district of Mission.

"It has a wonderful location, about half a million people within a 30-minute drive," Meakin said.

According to Meakin, the development would create about135 new jobs. But first the barge would need to undergo renovations costing $4 million. Meakin also needs to secure a tenant base and finish the land purchase.

Meakin added the doors to the new barge could open in 12 to 18 months.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Penny Daflos