VANCOUVER -- A confrontation over face masks at a downtown Vancouver gym on Wednesday led to 12 stitches for one man and recommended assault charges for another.

Vancouver police shared details of the incident in a post on their "Vancouver Crime Stories" website, saying the incident occurred when one of the patrons of a downtown fitness facility asked another to put on a mask. 

"The customer refused and witnesses say he later returned to confront the victim, pushing and punching him numerous times," police wrote in their post.

The victim fell to the ground and hit his head on an exercise machine, police said, adding that he was taken to hospital and received 12 stitches for a head wound.

Officers were called to the gym and arrested the suspect, who was still inside, police said. They are recommending charges of assault causing bodily harm.

Vancouver police told CTV News in an email that the incident happened at a gym near the intersection of Granville and Dunsmuir streets shortly after noon on Wednesday.

The manager of the Fitness World at that location confirmed to CTV News that the assault had occurred there, but referred questions to a corporate spokesperson. CTV News has reached out to the spokesperson for more information.

Concerns about public health order violations should be reported to the City of Vancouver's 311 line, police said, adding that if you're fearing for your personal safety, you should call police.