Mounties in Richmond say they have identified and located a man who kicked a library employee in her 60s at a community meeting Wednesday.

The attack occurred shortly before 5:30 p.m. while residents were gathered at the Richmond Public Library branch on Minoru Gate.

Witnesses told CTV News the man is a regular in the area and has developmental challenges.

"We remind people to exercise a critical lens in what they see, hear, or read before any judgements are made," RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Dennis Hwang said in a statement Friday.

"If anyone has witnessed or filmed an incident that may require our involvement, please contact the police first.”

Video of the incident shows the man standing in front of the woman when he suddenly lunges forward, kicking her in the stomach before fleeing the scene on foot. The woman, who collapses after the kick, is then helped to her feet by bystanders.

Richmond residents were gathered at the library to discuss a 40-unit temporary modular housing project proposed for the Brighouse area.

Hwang also confirmed that the attack was an "isolated incident" that was "unrelated to the community presentation being held at the library that evening."