VANCOUVER -- Police say a man is dead after being attacked by a pit bull in Kamloops, B.C., on Monday morning.

Kamloops RCMP said officers were called to a home on Singh Street at around 11:45 a.m. with a report that the owner's pit bull attacked a man who was visiting.

"Subsequently, the man died of his injuries," the detachment said in a news release.

The dog was locked on the deck of the house, and conservation officers planned to sedate the animal, according to police.

Kamloops RCMP said the animal would be euthanized but the BC Conservation Officer Service said its members only tranquillized the dog and did not put it down.

A woman who spoke to CTV News said she attempted to console the owner of the dog who was emotionally distraught on the sidewalk after the attack.

According to Kristy Solly, the owner of the dog told her his friend had a seizure and that is what triggered the dog to attack.

“His dog started biting his friend, accidentally killing his friend. So now his dog is being euthanized and he lost his friend also,” said Solly.

The BC Coroners Service says they have been notified about a death in Kamloops, and a dog was also at the scene.

"The coroner's investigation will determine if any involvement with the dog was a factor in the unexpected death as part of answering who died, and how, where and when, and by what means they came to their unexpected death," the coroner said in a statement.

Mounties say, due to privacy reasons, further details about the victim will not be released.