SURREY - A 26-year-old New Westminster, B.C., man has been charged with plotting to kill three other men.

The RCMP say Aleksandar Radjenovic was accused of three counts of counselling to commit murder after an investigation by the Integrated Gang Task Force.

Police allege Radjenovic was working to set up the murders and supply weapons and other support for the hit men, who have not yet been identified.

They say they're still working to find and arrest those who hired Radjenovic and anyone else who may be linked to the plot.

The RCMP say the intended victims lived in Metro Vancouver and were known to the police, who warned the three about the plots against them.

Last week, eight men the RCMP identified as members of the UN Gang were charged with conspiracy to murder the three leaders of a rival gang amid a battle over control of the B.C. drug trade.