VANCOUVER -- U.S. authorities have provided more details on the arrest of a former Vancouver Canucks forward in Michigan last month.

Todd Bertuzzi was arrested shortly before midnight on Feb. 26, the Auburn Hills Police Department said in a news release.

The AHPD says his arrest followed a report that a vehicle was "swerving all over the road" in the northbound lanes of Interstate 75, north of M-95.

Officers said a witness had called 911 to report what they suspected was a drunk driver.

Local police said they identified a 2020 black Lincoln Navigator as being the vehicle associated with the call. They said they saw the driver leave the freeway onto Joslyn Road in the city of Auburn Hills.

Officers alleged the driver stopped at a flashing yellow light, then later "disregarded a solid red light" at another intersection.

The driver was then pulled over, according to police.

Police said that driver was identified as Bertuzzi, 46, who was the only one in the vehicle at the time.

Bertuzzi, who they said lives in the nearby community of Lake Orion, was allegedly intoxicated at the time, police said in a statement.

"Mr. Bertuzzi failed roadside field sobriety evaluations and was subsequently arrested for operating while intoxicated," officers said.

It is alleged that Bertuzzi then refused a breathalyzer when taken to the police station.

Officers said they obtained a search warrant for a blood test, and he was kept in jail for 12 hours, pending results of the test.

"The toxicology results from the Michigan State Police lab showed Mr. Bertuzzi's blood alcohol content was .25 per cent," the Auburn Hills Police Department said.

Since that time, the case was reviewed by the Auburn Hills city attorney and one charge has been approved.

Police said Bertuzzi was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated with a high blood-alcohol content. The allegation has not been proven in court.

He was arraigned late last week, and a personal bond of $3,000 was issued, police say.

He's due to appear in court again on May 11.

Bertuzzi played eight seasons with the Canucks in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when he was involved in a violent on-ice confrontation that left another player with a career-ending injury.