VANCOUVER -- As some members of the Vancouver Canucks return to the ice following a team outbreak of COVID-19, at least one player says it may be too soon.

Forward JT Miller made the comment Wednesday as some of the 21 Vancouver players who recently made the NHL's COVID-19 Protocol List returned to the ice for practice.

"I don't feel ready at all to be honest," Miller said.

"Trying to use a couple skates here to get my hockey sense back. The legs aren't going to be there."

He said he couldn't speak on behalf of the rest of the team members who've been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, but that he believes it will be tough for those who were sick to bounce back.

Last week, the team's doctor said those with COVID-19 had experienced a wide range of symptoms, though none so severe that the players required hospitalization.

Miller said being back on the ice, his main priority for now will be staying healthy.

"I haven't really thought of expectations, I just know it's going to be tough to jump back into things against a really good team."

The Canucks are set to host Edmonton on Friday in the team's first game since March 24.

"It's kind of crazy to expect our entire team to be ready to play after one practice… This is going to be a pretty tough challenge and even for me, skating a couple times, my lungs are screaming and definitely not in game shape at all right now from sitting around and not doing much. I couldn't imagine what these guys are going to have to go through to get ready to play."

He said, if he's being "brutally honest," it's a bit frustrating and more time is needed before the team can be ready to play.

"We try to talk about the number one priority is the players' health and their families' safety… it's almost impossible to achieve that with what they've asked us to do on our return," Miller said.

"I never thought I would be in this scenario in my career. We have a job to do, I guess. I don't know."