A week after two seniors were found dead in their South Vancouver home, police are asking those who live in the area for help.

Neighbours of 65-year-old Dianna Mah-Jones and 68-year-old Richard Jones are asked to come forward with surveillance video, and to report any discarded property they find in the Marpole neighbourhood.

The Vancouver Police Department did not provide specific information on what they expect neighbours might find, but asked for anything unusual found between noon on Tuesday, Sept. 26 and the same time the following day. Their bodies were found the afternoon of Sept. 27.

"We think the public can play a role in this, in solving this crime," Const. Jason Doucette said.

"Something as simple as dash-cam footage from a vehicle driving through the area last Tuesday could help with this case."

Officers are asking residents who have security cameras to provide police with the footage, and to check their property for discarded items that don't belong.

"If you happened to have found anything since last Tuesday and just simply walked past it or got rid of it yourself, we're asking you to give our investigators a call," Doucette said.

We're asking residents in the area to provide us with a copy of their security footage, and to check their property for discarded items that don't belong."

The VPD directed its request to those living in the area bordered by West 70th Avenue, West 58th Avenue, Oak Street and Granville Street.

Officers are also working to piece together Jones's final day. The senior was disabled and often at home, but was known to walk down the street to a nearby store to buy cigarettes.

Police released two photos of Jones that show the victim wearing the same clothing he is believed to have been wearing on Sept. 26.

Anyone who saw him or spoke to him on Tuesday is asked to contact police.

"It doesn't have to be suspicious in nature, we're just trying to create that timeline," Doucette said.

He said at this point he's only been asked by investigators to request more information on Jones's whereabouts, and not the activities of his wife that day. Doucette said police are trying to "cover all of our bases."

No suspects have been arrested in connection with the ongoing investigation, nor have officers identified a possible motive.

"At this point we still have not been able to identify enough information to confirm one way or the other if this was random or if this was a targeted attack," he said.

Police issued an alert last week advising the public to be cautious and to report any suspicious activity to officers immediately. Doucette would not say whether there are any persons of interest in the case.

Information can be reported to police at 604-717-2500 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers.