VANCOUVER -- Homicide investigators were seen at a rural property in Mission, B.C., Saturday after a massive fire broke out there overnight.

Orange flames lit up the sky around 2 a.m. on Gunn Avenue. At least three ambulances responded to the scene alongside firefighters, and police officers with long guns could also be seen.

Video showed officers apparently seizing what looked like a bag of clothing.

A neighbour who called 911 about the blaze told CTV News Vancouver she heard multiple explosions coming from the home.

"We heard a lot of booms, at least seven times, big booms," said witness Angie Souppa. "Presuming it's propane."

Another neighbour told CTV News they believe the property is being used to grow marijuana.

There was no word on the cause of the fire Saturday, and police did not respond to requests for comment, saying that a news release would be issued. By 6:15 p.m., no such release had been provided.

Officers from the Lower Mainland's Integrated Homicide Investigation Team were at the scene for most of the day Saturday.

This story will be updated if and when police provide more information about the fire and any injuries or deaths that resulted from it.