VANCOUVER -- Hundreds of spaces have been made available for homeless British Columbians in need of a place to self-isolate.

The province said Tuesday it's secured spots at 23 sites, including hotels, motels and community centres.

There are enough rooms or beds for 900 people so far, the housing ministry said in a statement. The spaces will made available to people who don't have a safe space to self-isolate, due to homelessness or other reasons.

"These new spaces are a critical part of how we can support those who are vulnerable in our community, including those who are experiencing homelessness or living in communal locations where the virus could spread more quickly," Minister Selina Robinson said.

Some hotels have been reserved specifically for people who have been confirmed to have COVID-19 and need a place to self-isolate during their recovery.

Other spots will be saved for those who've been discharged from hospital for other reasons and still require ongoing health care. This is to free up space in hospitals.

Health authorities are working with BC Housing to identify candidates for the spaces, some of which are already operational.

More rooms have been identified for future use in case the need increases, the ministry said.

Earlier this month, health officials announced the Vancouver Convention Centre would be prepped to serve as a makeshift hospital, if needed.