VANCOUVER -- North Shore Rescue say they have found the two hikers who went missing in Hanes Valley on the North Shore this weekend.

Searchers had found evidence of a makeshift shelter in the backcountry as they search for a pair of hikers who didn’t return from the woods last night.

Team Leader Mike Danks said the hikers are "incredibly lucky to have survived in Hanes Valley overnight in denim clothing and street shoes."

The pair are now being given warm fluids and treated for hypothermia.

The search and rescue organization sent out 25 people and two helicopters as they looked for the hikers Anthony Lam and Roya Rasoulian.

Earlier in the morning Danks told CTV News Vancouver that they were getting close in their search.

“We just got some information that there was a sighting near Crown Path of these two individuals, so we're focused in on that area right now,” said Mike Danks, a North Shore Rescue team leader.

“We feel that we've got a pretty good idea of where they may be but we have not made contact with them,” he said.

The pair went hiking on Saturday starting at Rice Lake at 12:30 p.m., but North Shore Search and Rescue said it hadn’t know their destination.