VANCOUVER -- Burnaby RCMP are trying to track down a pair of dognappers recorded on home surveillance video they say chased and stole a Yorkshire terrier.

Video provided by Mounties shows the dog, named Lucy, running up the front steps of her home on Berwick Street around 2:40 p.m. on Monday, then into the backyard.

Seconds later, the suspects follow.

Eleven-year-old Lucy seems to sense the men coming after her, and loops back around past the front door.

That’s when the suspect split up, one doubling back, so she’s eventually cornered.

The video ends with the suspects walking down the front steps, one carrying Lucy, now hidden from camera view, in his arms.

Police say the pair drove off in a newer model black Jaguar sedan.

Lucy’s owners, Tom and Esther Young, told CTV News the family had gone out for the day Monday and left Lucy on a leash in the backyard.

Young says it’s unclear how she got out of her harness.

“(The suspects) chased her with their car, parked next door, and then came onto the property,” Esther Young said.

When questioned by a neighbour, “(the suspects) claimed to the neighbour that the dog was theirs,” said Cpl. Mike Kalanj.

Police said the suspects dumped Lucy soon after taking her, potentially when they realized she was older and not a puppy.

Mounties added another man, not connected to the suspects, carried Lucy and handed her over to a patrol officer near Deer Lake Avenue and Rowan Avenue on Tuesday morning.

Lucy, who officers nicknamed Tank, was eventually reunited with the Youngs, who Esther said were “so relieved” and “so thankful.”

“We’re just wondering why,” said Tom.

Police describe the suspects as follows:

Suspect 1 (driver)

  • South Asian man
  • 5’10 - 6’ tall
  • Medium / muscular build
  • Medium length spiked black hair
  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Long sleeved grey shirt
  • Dark pants
  • White running shoes
  • 25-30 years of age

Suspect 2 (passenger)

  • South Asian man
  • 5’10 - 6’ tall
  • Thin build
  • Black sunglasses
  • Black running shoes
  • 25-30 years of age

Anyone with information is asked to call Burnaby RCMP.