VANCOUVER -- The B.C. SPCA is asking for donations to pay for the medical care of two kittens born with deformities.

In a posting online, the group says the siblings were part of a littler surrendered to the Burnaby shelter because the kittens were unplanned.

Terry and Peggy were born with only three-and-a-half legs, and when they got to the shelter their stumps had become “raw and infected."

“The kittens were administered antibiotics to fight infections and pain management, and will require leg amputations followed by their neuter and spay surgeries,” the posting said.

In total, the SPCA is hoping to raise $2,155 to pay for care of the kittens.

Once they have recovered, they will be available for adoption.

“Both kittens are darling and they have not been slowed down at all by their handicap,” says Burnaby SPCA manager Nicole McBain in the posting. “They are full of beans and purr like any other kitten. These adorable kittens deserve to live a long life free of pain.”