VANCOUVER -- There's hopeful news coming from a care home in Vancouver's West End that's already lost 11 residents to COVID-19.

Haro Park Seniors Centre, which is one of the hardest hit care homes in the province, announced Friday that all surviving residents and employees have been cleared of the virus.

"We are very happy to announce that all residents and staff have recovered," Haro Park said on its website. "We are cleared of all cases at this time."

But outbreak protocols will continue at the facility until local health officials deem it safe to lift the lockdown, management said.

The first COVID-19 infection at Haro Park was announced on March 18, and the virus went on to infect at least 44 residents and dozens of employees.

As of Friday, provincial officials said they were still working to contain outbreaks at 21 long-term care homes and assisted living facilities.

The outbreaks have been of special concern because seniors are among the groups considered at higher risk of severe complications from COVID-19. The majority of the 112 deaths attributed to the virus in B.C. have been care home residents.