VANCOUVER -- After a grizzly bear was spotted in Whistler, B.C.'s conservation officers are warning residents to take extra precautions.

According to a notice issued by the Resort Municipality of Whistler, the Conservation Officer Service got a report of a grizzly sighting on Wednesday. It had been seen on Crabapple Drive, the notice issued the next day says. 

Sgt. Simon Gravel with CSO told CTV News Vancouver that sightings like this one aren't common, but they do happen. Nearly two years ago, a grizzly charged at a kayaker who was on a whitewater rafting trip near Squamish. 

Video captured of the encounter showed a bear dashing into the water, towards the kayaker. The kayaker saw the bear, however, and paddled away before it got too close. 

Gravel recommends residents clear their areas of garbage, clean their barbecue and remove bird feeders. 

Dogs should be kept on a leash and should never be allowed to chase a bear because it could then run back to the owner. 

Any bear sightings should be reported to the COS RAPP, or report all poachers and polluters, line at 1-877-952-7277.