VANCOUVER -- The province's top doctor is promising a fix for a glitch in B.C.'s COVID-19 vaccine registration system that means some people may be able to double up on first doses.

Dr. Bonnie Henry said she received an invitation to book her first shot after she'd already had a dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

The notification, the provincial health officer said Monday, informed her she was eligible for her first dose.

It's a message tens of thousands of British Columbians who got their shots at pharmacies or workplaces, and who are now registered with the provincial system, are also getting.

The Ministry of Health addressed it previously, asking residents who received an AstraZeneca vaccine in a pharmacy to just ignore the message to book an appointment.

Theoretically though, the invitation could mean that some could jump the queue and get a second dose. It appears there's no way to stop people from booking an appointment for another shot.

With concerns of a shortage of AstraZeneca, as well as some research suggesting mixing and matching vaccines may have benefits, some may be tempted to try to get another vaccine through the provincial registration system.

The province is asking the public not to do so.

Speaking at a news conference Monday, Henry had a similar message: "If you've had your vaccine, ignore that."

She said people will still be notified when it's time for their next shot.

And the doctor insisted the province is tracking every vaccination, calling the problem a glitch that is being fixed.

Additionally, vaccine deliveries are ramping up, health officials say, meaning those worried about the wait may end up getting their second shot sooner than the timeline suggests.

With a report from CTV News Vancouver's Bhinder Sajan in Victoria