With every online comment you make, every post you share and every thing you "like", you're creating valuable data. Social media networks are learning who you are, who your friends are and most importantly, your habits.

And for that information advertisers are willing to shell out big bucks to tech giants, like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

But what if you could take out the middle man and cash in yourself?

A new blockchain-based network allows you to do just that. It's called Permission.io and it pays users to watch ads.

"Our platform values individuals' time and it's their choice what ads they see," explained Charles Silver, Permission.io CEO.

The website doesn't sell your data to marketers or advertisers. Instead it acts as a decentralized network, meaning there's no central authority or middle man influencing the distribution of content, allowing users to interact with advertisers directly.

"You type in I want to buy a BBQ, now you'll get ads about a BBQ that pay you to watch the ads," said Silver.

Users are paid in cryptocurrency, a Permission.io token, which can then be cashed out into dollars. The amount you are paid will depend on how much an advertiser is willing to spend to reach that particular user.

“Cryptocurrency is great for micro payments and we're building a currency our permission token to fuel advertising,” Silver said.

The site is currently in Beta testing mode, with plans to fully launch in January. But people can still join and earn permission tokens, which can be cashed in once the network goes live.