A former associate professor at the University of British Columbia has been given a suspended sentence and 15 months of probation after pleading guilty to voyeurism.

World renowned anti-doping expert Jim Rupert secretly recorded people with a video camera hidden inside a toolbox in a storage room on campus that was also used as a change room.

Several hours after the sentence was handed down, Rupert left the courthouse, running past the media waiting outside.

In sentencing Rupert, the judge said the breach of privacy was serious, premeditated, and prolonged and that it is important that people can use public washrooms and change rooms in privacy.

“The Crown is pleased with the sentence in this case,” said Crown lawyer Damienne Darby. “I believe it’s a fit sentence in line with other cases.”

According to Crown counsel, it went on for three months and involved four women—two of whom were changing.

None of the women were students at UBC and no research activities were involved.

Rupert was arrested after a camera was found last April and was suspended and eventually fired from his job at UBC several days after.

He will now also have a criminal record though he won’t serve any time in jail.

With files from CTV’s Maria Weisgarber