VANCOUVER -- Firefighters had to cut down some bushes to reach a plane after a pilot missed the ramp during an incident on the Fraser River Monday morning.

The incident, which was initially believed to be a minor crash, occurred at Pitt Meadows Regional Airport shortly after 11:30 a.m.

Mounties said two people had been on board the float plane at the time, but they sustained little to no injuries in the incident.

The plane had landed and was taxiing to a ramp, but the plane caught its wake and was pushed into the shore instead, the RCMP said.

At the scene, the tail of a small blue plane could be seen sticking out from behind a group of blackberry bushes next to the Fraser River.

Several emergency vehicles were parked nearby with emergency lights activated. Members of the Pitt Meadows Fire Rescue Service, Ridge Meadows RCMP and airport staff responded.