VANCOUVER -- The Delta Community Animal Shelter says a recent reunion between a lost cat and his family highlights the importance of getting pets tattooed or microchipped with identifying information.

In a Facebook post, the shelter says an orange cat admitted to its facility as a stray on Feb. 11 bore a striking resemblance to Hunter, a family pet that had been reported missing on Dec. 31.

Hunter slipped out an open door during the holiday season and "got very lost," the shelter said in the post.

"Despite their best efforts, Hunter's family sadly was not able to locate him," the shelter said.

When Hunter was turned in, staff contacted the family. The cat "was ecstatic to see his family again," the shelter said, adding that the animal's tattoo helped to confirm his identity.

The shelter said Hunter's return serves as "a good reminder" to ensure that pets have permanent identification in the form of a tattoo or microchip.

Delta Community Animal Shelter will be holding a pet microchip clinic on Sunday, Feb. 23. Pet owners can make appointments by calling 604-940-7111 or by emailing The cost is $20 for Delta residents and $50 for non-residents.