VANCOUVER -- For more than a year since the death of Jack McIver, inside his place of business, his family has kept things going. But this fall, they’re closing their doors.

“We’re having a sale right now,” Derek McIver, the owner’s son, told CTV News. "We’re tentatively planning to close in November.”

Jack McIver was found dead in his store on June 26, 2019. His body was found by his daughter when she was arriving for work.

The suspect accused in his death is Brian Roger Holt, a former employee, who hadn’t worked at the store for years. He was in court Wednesday for a hearing that some of the McIver family attended.

“It’s a step in the process,” said McIver. “I’m just here for my father. Honour his memory, the loving man that he was, and my love for him, and our family’s love for our dad.”

The store has been open for more than 50 years, and since Jack’s death, the family has received an outpouring of support from longtime customers and community members.

“Hearing stories from our customers, they’ve come into the store, talked to my sister who’s working there and just sharing how much we miss him, how much they miss him. Such a legacy left in our city," McIver said.

He said he wants people to remember his dad for the "great man" he was.

"The great father, grandfather...just a man for our city," he said. "He’s a legend in our city. Just people to remember who he was, a great appliance company that he started."

Holt will be back in court Sept. 30.