VANCOUVER -- The pandemic has more people working from home, and thus spending more time on computers and other electronic devices.

According to experts, all of that extra screen time seems to be having an impact on vision.

B.C. Doctors of Optometry, a group that represents more than 600 optometrists in the province, says nearly half of British Columbians are concerned about eye health.

During the first six months of the pandemic, people said the most common issue they saw was itchy, irritated or dry eyes. Headaches were also a problem.

There are a few things those working from home can do to ease eye strain.

"Make sure you take breaks from the screens," advised Dr. Victor Chin of Saanich Optometry.

"You want to blink. Consciously blink a little more."

Additionally, the doctor advised following the "20/20/20" rule: focusing the eyes on a target about 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds.

Chin says optometrists can also prescribe lenses to help with eye strain and conditions related to screens.

Leaving symptoms untreated could lead to further damage, he said.