VANCOUVER -- Photos have surfaced of the Duchess of Sussex visiting another Vancouver charity on Tuesday.

Two black and white photos were posted to Twitter by the charity Justice for Girls and show Meghan posing with several women in an office.

"Yesterday, The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle visited to discuss climate justice for girls and the rights of Indigenous peoples," the post said. "Was great to talk about the importance of a holistic approach to social justice, and the power of young women’s leadership."

Justice for Girls does advocacy and outreach work to help girls receive access to education and promote girls' human rights.

Zoe Craig-Sparrow, the co-director of the organization, said they were honoured to have Meghan visit and had an "incredible" meeting.

"We discussed women's rights and girls' rights as well as the particular rights issues around Indigenous girls," said Craig-Sparrow. "Most notably we talked about the challenges facing girls who live in poverty in the local area here."

Craig-Sparrow said she hopes there will be a positive working relationship with the Duchess and is looking forward to the possibility of future meetings with her.

"We were overjoyed. All of our staff members were so excited. It's such an honour for her to come visit us," she said. "We so appreciate knowing how much she deeply cares about these issues that are so important to us as well."

Meghan also spent part of Tuesday afternoon visiting a women's centre in the Downtown Eastside. International photographers had camped out for a glimpse of her on Vancouver Island and snapped pictures of her boarding a float plane that apparently took her to the mainland.

The Downtown Eastside Women's Centre later posted a photo of Meghan posing with a number of its employees.

"Look who we had tea with today!" the post read. "The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, visited us today to discuss issues affecting women in the community."

The Downtown Eastside Women's Centre provides everything from meals to clothing to computer access for women and children in the neighbourhood. It also operates a low-barrier emergency shelter.

Kate Gibson, the acting executive director of the centre, said Meghan's visit lasted more than an hour and that she was interested in hearing about the work the organization does for women in the neighbourhood.

"She was very interested in the plight of women in our community. And she would really like to learn more about things that she's interested in like women's issues," said Gibson. "She has a real heart for it."

With files from CTV News Vancouver's Andrew Weichel