VANCOUVER -- “In like a lamb” -- that’s Environment Canada’s prediction for winter in Metro Vancouver.

December will likely be warmer than usual, possibly giving Vancouverites the impression that wintry weather may never come.

But just wait until January, where conditions are predicted to be colder, wetter and whiter than usual.

“If there’s any month that we’ll get more snow, it will probably be January,” said meteorologist Doug Lundquist.

February is also looking colder than usual, but the frigid weather shouldn’t stick around too long.

It’s a La Niña year which usually brings colder temperature right away, but this season is a little different.

“There’s a ridge of high pressure right now, that if this were July, it would be 30 some degrees Celsius,” said Lundquist. “The waters off the coast of the Pacific, between here and Japan, are very warm, and way above average.”

A white Christmas in Metro Vancouver is looking like a dream at this point, but Environment Canada cautions, a cold front could move in and we’d be reaching for our shovels.