A Burnaby school trustee candidate is coming under fire for an online video that depicts disturbing images of children.

The video was posted on the website for the Christian Social Concern Fellowship in a section marked "Campaign Against Sexual Abuse on Children." It contains censored images of scantily clad and nude children posing suggestively.

Mayor Derek Corrigan described the images as "very, very disturbing" in an interview with CTV News.

"I can't see how anyone would promulgate something like that in the interests of anti-pornography. It just doesn't seem appropriate, even if you're trying to illustrate a case against child pornography," he said.

The group claims to have produced the video, but it has now been removed from the site.

Parents' Voice candidate Charter Lau is a member of the Christian group and its former chairman. The video was posted to his own YouTube page, where he's also displayed other videos from the group to show his support.

He won't comment on who created this one.

"There's a pending legal action against whoever attempts to disgrace me by forced accusation, OK, so I really can't comment on the action we are taking right now," Lau said.

The mayor says he believes information about the website has been forwarded to the RCMP, but police say no formal complaint has been made.

Corrigan is running for re-election with the Burnaby Citizens Association.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Maria Weisgarber