VICTORIA -- Victoria is a year-round destination that enjoys the mildest climate in Canada.

It boasts a vibrant culinary scene.

There is a strong focus on sourcing local ingredients and incorporating them into delicious creations.

The mild climate means a long growing season and Vancouver Island chefs take advantage.

During COVID-19 many restaurants in the city have pivoted their business.

This has meant an abundance of outdoor patios to choose from for visitors.

While spending time wandering the streets, the lush greenery and colourful gardens decorate every corner.

Victoria well earns it's nickname as the city of gardens.

Many are familiar with the not-to-be-missed Butchart Gardens, but there are many more in the Greater Victoria area to explore.

Flowers are so popular that the city even does an annual flower count every March.

When it comes to where to stay there are a tremendous amount of options to choose from.

Many hotels like the Inn At Laurel Point and Fairmont Empress have done incredible renovations over the last five years.

The modern and luxurious amenities paired with natural views of the inner harbour make for the perfect pairing.

You won't have to leave your four legged best friend behind either.

Some hotels like the Inn At Laurel Point offer pet friendly stays.

From there a harbour stroll or a quick walk to Fisherman's Wharf is at your doorstep.

With so much to do and see Victoria makes for the ideal destination to reconnect.

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