An unsolved killing that has haunted a suburb of Victoria, B.C., for more than two years came under a new spotlight on Friday night, when Dateline NBC aired a report on Lindsay Buziak's murder.

The 24-year-old realtor was stabbed to death in a Saanich show home on Feb. 2, 2008. Her boyfriend Jason Zailo and another friend discovered the body in an upstairs bedroom.

The NBC report includes video footage shot not long after the murder, in which police bring Zailo back to the scene to retrace his steps.

"It brought back all the memories again," he told an NBC reporter. "One day you're living with somebody, and the next day, she's gone."

Sabrina Unke, a longtime friend of Buziak, has also spoken out about the murder in an interview with Vancouver Island's ‘A' Channel. She and two other friends said that the realtor had been talking about breaking up with Zailo months before her death.

"She spoke to me about it," Unke said, adding that the discussion happened about three months before the murder.

Police say Zailo is not a suspect. In the NBC story, he denied that their relationship was on the rocks, and said that he still cares deeply for the girlfriend he lost.

"I want people to know I love Lindsay. I think about her every day," he said.

NBC also spoke with Buziak's ex-boyfriend Matt MacDuff, who was questioned by police after the murder. He said that he was aware that some people have speculated he was involved in the killing -- including Buziak's mother -- but denied the allegations.

"The mom thinks that, because if it wasn't me, who could have done it?" MacDuff said.

Saanich police told NBC that Buziak did associate with some people who were involved in crime. They said that during her last visit with her father in Calgary, she made contact with an "old friend" who was later arrested in a massive cocaine bust.

However, no conclusive links have been drawn to the murder, and there is no evidence that Buziak committed any crimes.

Police have said that they believe Buziak may have been targeted by a man and a woman posing as potential buyers, and that the killing could have been based on mistaken information.

Buziak's father Jeff hired private investigators to solve the murder after becoming frustrated with a police investigation that has not yielded any arrests. In August, he said that five suspects had been identified.

The family has also withdrawn a $100,000 reward offered for information leading police to arrest Lindsay's killer.

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