Monday will mark the one year anniversary of the brutal murder of Lindsay Buziak.

The 24-year-old Victoria realtor was found stabbed to death in an unoccupied, upscale home in Saanich, but no one has been arrested.

Her father, Jeff Buziak, says the bond he shared with his young daughter was unbreakable.

"I often sat back and smiled I was the luckiest guy in the world because I couldn't imagine having a closer relationship with your daughter than I had with Lindsay," he said.

On February 2, 2008, co-workers say the realtor got a call from a new client looking to buy a home. It was a call that reportedly made her uncomfortable, but she booked a showing -- and that night -- her body was found in the unoccupied Saanich home.

Her family says her murder has been devastating.

"It's been horrible year," said her father. "The worst possible you can imagine in your life."

"The time sort of numbs it a little bit," said her uncle, Art Reitmayer. "But when it comes up to this date again on February 2nd -- the one year -- it certainly doesn't make it any easier."

Neither does the fact no one has been charged in the death.

"Friends are scared," said Jeff. "There's a killer or killers in our community. Somewhere out there lurking around. That doesn't make me happy. I'm very frustrated."

Area police say they remain committed to the murder investigation. In the search for her killer, 89 officers have interviewed nearly 1,500 people.

"That's a lot of people," said Saanich Police Insp. Rob Mccoll. "We've also covered of off 752 separate tips that have arisen over the last year and we've executed 30 search warrants in this file."

But still, no arrests. So Jeff Buziak is speaking directly to his daughter's killer.

"I'd like to say to you if you have one ounce of humanity and decency in your being, come and see me. Take responsibility for your actions. Quit being a coward and a worm."

And to anyone else who might be keeping secrets.

"There are people in this community who know what went on," he said. "They have to call in if they have an ounce of compassion or humanity in them. They must call in."

"Parents aren't supposed to outlive their children. Especially someone as special as Lindsay. It guts you from the inside out."

If you have any information about Lindsay Buziak's murder, call the tip line at 1-250-475-4313.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Shannon Paterson