VANCOUVER -- An RCMP officer who oversaw the arrest of Meng Wanzhou two years ago says she is not aware of any Mounties sharing information from the Huawei executive's electronics with U.S. law enforcement.

Sgt. Janice Vander Graaf was head of the foreign and domestic liaison unit tasked in 2018 to take Meng into custody, an arrest that soured Canada's relations with China.

Vander Graaf told the B.C. Supreme Court Wednesday that her subordinate Const. Gurvinder Dhaliwal, who was in charge of overseeing Meng's seized electronics, initially told her that a senior officer in the RCMP's financial integrity unit had shared the serial numbers for the devices with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

However, Vander Graaf told the evidentiary hearing in Meng's extradition case that she soon believed that wasn't accurate, after Dhaliwal shared emails related to what he reported.

“I realized that it didn't say exactly what Const. Dhaliwal had told me,” Vander Graaf said under questioning by John Gibb-Carsley, a lawyer for Canada's attorney general.

“It didn't say that Ben Chang had provided serial numbers.”