Police and Squamish Nation leaders in North Vancouver say they're frustrated with the lack of cooperation from members of the First Nations community in investigating a drive-by shooting earlier this month.

The RCMP say they need more help from neighbours after a group of men fired several shots at a house in the 300-block of West 5th Street in the early hours of Aug. 1.

A mother and her two kids -- a teenager and a seven-year-old -- were inside the house at the time, and bullets were found just metres away from the children. No one was injured.

Police have now determined that the home was targeted by mistake, but say they've been unable to determine who the shots were meant for.

Investigators believe that there are witnesses with crucial information about the shooting who are reluctant to speak to police.

"The police depend on the support and cooperation of the members of our communities to help us not only to solve crimes, but also to prosecute, and even rehabilitate offenders," Cpl. Peter DeVries said in a press release.

Squamish Nation Chief Gibby Jacob echoed the concerns of the RCMP, and pleaded with community members to help investigators.

"We must take a strong stand against violence in our communities. This responsibility falls not only on our leaders and the police, but also on the individual members of our community," he said.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call North Vancouver RCMP.