Construction site safety has come under scrutiny in the wake of a fatal accident this week at a downtown Vancouver intersection.

A woman and her two-year-old toddler were struck by a truck making a turn at the intersection of Abbott Street and Expo Boulevard. The girl died at the scene.

CTV has learned that construction nearby was being done by Intertech.

The company tells CTV they have an excellent safety record and two safety officers were on site the day of the accident.

Intertech says no active construction was being done on the corner that day.

If residents noticed anything different the day after, the company says it was out of respect for the family and for the protection of any extra traffic, media and mourners who visited the corner.

City building inspectors keep an eye on private construction, and a company's traffic and pedestrian safety responsibilities are part of the permit they receive from the city.

"It is spelled out in the document what they need," said Murray Wightman, manager of Vancouver street operations. "But it's up to them to decide -- depending on the amount of work  they're doing that day -- whether they need five flaggers or one, if they need a person watching pedestrians. The numbers are not spelled out."

Intertech Construction says they have reviewed their operations after the accident, and they say they believe nothing else could have been done.

Intertech says they are cooperating with the police investigation.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Leah Hendry