VANCOUVER -- More than seven months after a North Vancouver father and son drowned in the Capilano River, Metro Vancouver is seeking input from the public to improve safety in the area.

Last October, a torrent of water was unleashed from the Cleveland Dam during maintenance. Ryan Nickerson, 61, was fishing with his 27-year-old son Hugh at the time. Both were swept away and didn't survive. 

An investigation into the incident later found it was "human error relating to programming" that caused the fatal spill. 

"We recognize the impact that this has had on everyone involved and are committed to ensuring this never happens again," a statement on Metro Vancouver's website says.

Recently, the regional authority installed six sirens on wooden poles along the river and more signage. 

Metro Vancouver is now also seeking input from the public through an online survey on how to improve safety along the river and at Cleveland Dam.

The online survey, which has dozens of questions, asks if the respondent lives near the Capilano River Regional Park and how often they visit the park. The questionnaire also asks what the individual visits the park for and where they access the park from.

Those taking the survey are asked to review new signage and whether they're easy to understand. Respondents are also asked about the alarm system and can listen to an audio clip of the new alert system's monthly test to give feedback.

The online survey is available until June 30.