CHILLIWACK, B.C. -- Maria Killam is a True Colour expert and well-loved designer.

Killam has taught thousands of design professionals and colour enthusiasts how to understand undertones. Her thoughtful insight can be applied to any design scenario.

Killam mentioned that a lot of people tend to get swept up in what is trendy when conducting a renovation.

What homeowners often fail to realize is that trends can easily feel dated within a few years.

For example, grey decor has been an exceptionally popular choice over the last few years. However, even if installing at present, that trend is already on its way out.

Killam says that people should not be afraid of colour.

It is a tremendous way to put a personal touch on a space and can be used in subtle ways to provide personality and pop.

When doing a renovation focusing on a timeless and classic aesthetic won't date a space.

Killam doesn't want people misled to think timeless and classic translates to sticking to neutrals.

Personal design aesthetic is about creating styled and colourful interiors.

Simple timeless wood floors with fresh white and cream finishes provide the perfect backdrop for colour.

Achieving this aesthetic is really about choosing options that will stand the test of time.

This can save homeowners doing an expensive renovation only to realize that it looks out of touch a couple years down the line.

That mistake can translate to a loss on investment when reselling.

The key is to create spaces where those entering are unable to identify when the renovations were installed.

Character and personality can be added with fun and vibrant pops of saturated colour.

Items like furniture, curtains and area rugs are great ways to achieve this without a long-term commitment.

Killam has an impressive design resume and has even worked with the Centra Windows team for choosing window colour design.

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