It’s been a frustrating couple of days for cellphone users across the country. Some of Canada’s major mobile service providers have had issues with widespread network outages that began Sunday afternoon.

Rogers reported problems with its mobile network – calls were dropped, and some calls were unable to be made at all. Rogers says service has mostly been restored with a limited number of customers still experiencing problems.

Freedom Mobile told CTV News that it started having trouble with a disruption to its network around 2 p.m. Sunday with degraded quality of service, which included voice calls being dropped and many customers unable to place or receive calls. The company says its technicians have been actively managing the network to fully restore wireless voice services. However, some customers may still be having problems.

Telus says its customers also had trouble but it was because of service disruptions on other carriers’ networks. The issue would have occurred when customers tried calling others on those networks.

Bell, a parent company of CTV News, said Bell customers also had issues but the problems occurred when customers called mobile users with the affected providers.

CTV News has asked Rogers and Freedom Mobile what caused the issues but has not been given an answer. Keep checking here for updates. 

July 9 - CTV News reached out to Rogers. It said it is not giving any outage updates at this time. Still no answer as to what caused it. We don't know if the company doesn't know or isn't saying. 

            CTV News reached out to Freedom Mobile for an update. No response. 

2:09pm  Rogers responded: Regarding the outage, here is an update

Voice services are restored and we sincerely thank our customers for their patience.

Rogers did not provide CTV News with a reason for the outage.