Simon Fraser University is welcoming another former B.C. politician to its fold by selecting Carole Taylor as the school's next chancellor.

Taylor, a long-time broadcaster who left journalism and began her political career on Vancouver city council, was named the province's minster of finance in 2005.

She will serve alongside SFU's first-year president Andrew Petter, B.C.'s former attorney-general

"SFU is fortunate to have attracted a person of such vast experience and so profound an understanding of the value of higher education." Petter said.

Taylor is also a noted business leader, and has chaired many high-profile boards during her career, including Canada Ports Corporation and the national Economic Advisory Council.

She says experience has taught her higher learning is the key to shaping the nation, and that has her excited about her new role. "If Canada is going to differentiate itself from the world, if it's going to be a player, it's going to depend on education." Taylor told CTV News.

There was growing speculation Taylor might return to politics and succeed Premier Gordon Campbell as the leader of the BC Liberal party, but her new post at SFU seems to have put that to rest.

"I appreciate the fact a lot of people really were hoping I'd change my mind." Taylor said.

She will begin her three-year term next summer.