Every Friday, Consumer Reporter Lynda Steele dips into the mailbag to answer your questions. This week, Steele on Your Side investigates car buyer’s remorse and a missing luggage mystery.

Buyer’s remorse

Brenda recently purchased a vehicle which she thought was brand new. It turns out it was actually a demo truck and she thinks she paid too much. She wants to know if there's any way she can pull out of the deal after 48 hours. 

The Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of B.C. says it depends. The law in B.C. does not allow for the return of a vehicle for "buyer's remorse" if the sale was conducted in an otherwise proper way, but if undue pressure or misrepresentation was used to close the sale that would change things.

When it comes to leases there isa cooling off period. You can cancel the lease without penalty or fees within one full day.

Lost luggage

Patrick wrote Steele on Your Side after shipping a piece of luggage on a Greyhound bus. When it didn't arrive at its destination in Kamloops, he spent four months unsuccessfully battling with Greyhound to get it back. Then he contacted CTV News.

Patrick says after countless phone calls with Greyhound the company still couldn't track down his luggage.

He filed a claim in January but had no luck getting answers, so Steele on Your Side contacted Greyhound on his behalf.

The companytold us it had launched a full investigation, but was still unable to find Patrick's luggage. 

After our email, Greyhound management decided to offer Patrick a cheque for the full amount of his claim, which was almost $2,700. Patrick just got the cheque this week and says, "I cannot thank you guys enough."