VANCOUVER -- A boy is recovering after being attacked by a cougar near Lillooet, B.C., local conservation officers say.

The BC Conservation Officer Service wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday that two women and four children, ranging in age from 10 to 13, were walking along a trail Monday outside a remote family cabin near Marshall Lake. 

At one point, the boy ran ahead, when a cougar suddenly dropped out of a tree and swiped at the boy, knocking him down.

The cougar then chased the boy on the ground, scratching his back and chest. 

Conservation officers say a border collie, who was with the group, jumped on the cougar's back. The group also started screaming and throwing rocks and sticks. 

The cougar eventually ran away and a nearby road worker gave first aid to the boy. BCCOS says he was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The BCCOS' predator attack team is still on site and is using hounds to track down the cougar while continuing its investigation. 

"While cougar attacks are rare, conservation officers urge anyone venturing into the backcountry to be prepared in case of any wildlife encounters," the BCCOS says in its post. 

Anyone who does encounter a cougar should stay calm, never run and pick up small children immediately. Hikers who noticed a cougar watching them should maintain eye contact and speak to it in a loud, firm voice. Then back out of the area and seek help or shelter.