VANCOUVER -- Vancouver police officers returned to Kits Point early Tuesday morning as they continued to investigate the discovery of human remains inside a recycling bin.

A homicide investigation was launched on Sunday after several calls were made about the blue bin floating between Kits Point and Vanier Park. 

An employee at False Creek Ferries told CTV News on Tuesday that one of its captains had spotted the bin Sunday and tried to remove it from the water as they often do with trash and debris on their routes.

But when the captain realized it was too heavy to pull on board, she called the coast guard, not realizing what was inside.

The top of the bin was reportedly closed with a bungee cord. 

Police revealed Monday that they received several 911 calls about the bin, and confirmed the Canadian Coast Guard and the coroner were both called in. 

After the bin was opened, it was determined the remains inside were human.

The identity of the victim has not yet been confirmed. Police have not said what condition the remains were in when they were found. 

People living in boats of Kits Point said police have been in the area since the discovery.

They said at one point officers were going going from boat to boat asking about the recycling bin. One man who spoke to police said it appeared police were trying to determine which direction the bin may have floated in from. 

Vancouver police are also appealing to property owners to report any tall blue recycling containers that may have gone missing, as they try to determine where the bin may have come from. They have not said what markings, if any, the blue bin has. 

Police also want to speak with anyone who may have seen the bin floating in the water on Sunday.

It appears police officers are keeping a close eye on the area.

A CTV News photographer was approached by police and asked what he was doing in the area after parking his unmarked truck in a public lot near the Vancouver Maritime Museum around 5:30 a.m.

About half a dozen officers appeared to be searching through grass and along the beach late Tuesday morning. 

Police have not said if they believe there is any danger to the public.