The force was strong at an auction in Langley Saturday where thousands of Star Wars collectibles from one man's personal collection were sold to franchise fans.

One of the big-ticket items for sale was a replica blaster signed the late Carrie Fisher who starred as Princess Leia in the original films as well as in the recently released Disney additions to the series. It ended up selling for almost $2,000.

"He's been collecting for years," said auction manager Colin Hole. "Instead of having it boxed up where no one could see it he thought he'd sell it off… and let other people enjoy it as much as he did."

The man's collection boasts hundreds of figures, statues, comics, replica lightsabers, a Darth Vader bust and a full-size R2-D2. Hole estimates the man's figures alone are worth $100,000.

Saturday's auction drew bidders from Canada, the U.S. and online bidders from all over the world.

"I mean with the opening of the Star Wars movie and Christmas coming up, you couldn't pick a better time to come down and pick up some Star Wars stuff," Cole said.

The latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, hit theatres this week.

Some people at the auction just wanted to see the collection. Lance Dinahan eyed the costumes and some Lego sets.

"I have a bunch of Lego at home already," he told CTV News. "My girlfriend knows about it, so I think I'm safe. She doesn't know I'm here though."

He says Star Wars resonates with him because he watched it as a kid and loves it to this day.

Hole agrees that kids and adults alike seem to connect with the series.

"It's basically a space opera slash Western," he said. "It kind of appeals to a lot of genres."

With a report from Nafeesa Karim