VANCOUVER -- When B.C. health officials announce Monday how many people will have died from COVID-19, Mike Giesbrecht's father will be among those numbers.

Rob Giesbrecht died Saturday afternoon after battling the coronavirus for weeks.

CTV News first reported the Giesbrechts' story on March 25. Mike Giesbrecht related how his 75-year-old dad had come down with the virus after his parents took a trip to Las Vegas in March before travel restrictions came into effect.

The couple came home March 16 and self-isolated in accordance with instructions from the provincial health officer. Just days later, however, Rob started feeling unwell.

At the time, Rob had not been able to get tested but had seen his family doctor.

A few days after CTV News broadcast his story, Rob had a seizure and was rushed to hospital, according to his son Mike. Rob was tested for COVID-19 and those results came back positive. He was initially sent home and then returned to hospital a few days later when he was short of breath.

On March 29, he was placed on life support and a ventilator in a medically induced coma. He never woke up before he died.

Mike Giesbrecht said his mom, Shirley, was by his father's side at the end when he took his final breaths.