Plunging temperatures can mean soaring Hydro costs. But help is available for those wanting to save money.  BC Hydro has a free savings-kit for lower income customers and free energy saving advice for all of us.

The agency says households can save at least $50 a year using the kit, which includes energy-saving light bulbs, pipe insulation, weather stripping and a clear plastic film that can be installed over drafty windows.

There's also a thermometer that can tell you whether your water is too hot. If it is, turning it down can save energy and money.

BC Hydro has distributed more than 15,000 of the kits in the last two years.

Some customers may be able to qualify for the energy conservation assistance program, which includes everything in the kit, a free energy audit, and energy-saving products, including insulation for ceilings and walls.

Just being aware of energy use can save you money. It can be as simple as switching off unnecessary lights to using appliances more efficiently.

For more about BC Hydro's energy conservation assistance program, click here.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Chris Olsen