A three-year-old German shepherd that suffered years of abuse on a remote Pemberton property is being given a new lease on life, but the SPCA needs the public’s help to bring him back to health.

The dog, who has been renamed Bode by shelter staff, was brought in to the SPCA’s Squamish Valley branch after being rescued by a Good Samaritan.

Frontline workers know little about the dog’s background, but a vet examination revealed a sad history of abuse and injuries.

Bode’s face was covered in scars and bite marks, some old and some new. His ear was partially torn off, multiple teeth were broken and he was suffering from a broken leg that was never treated.

“We suspect that his previous owner kept him chained outside. With his docile personality, and based on his multiple head wounds, we believe that he was attacked by other loose dogs and that he couldn't retreat because he was tethered,” SPCA Community Manager Lorie Chortyk told CTV News.

But despite his history, shelter staff say the dog has a sweet, gentle temperament and loves other dogs and cats.

“He is just one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met, he absolutely adores everyone,” said Marika Donnelly of the Squamish SPCA branch.

She suspects Bode was abused by his former owner. The dog gets extremely alarmed if anyone quickly reaches for his collar. The dog falls to the floor in fear, she says, “but even then he doesn’t snap or get aggressive.”

It's unclear where the dog came from, and who the owner is, so authorities are unable to proceed with a cruelty investigation against its owner.

It’s a long road to recovery for Bode as he recovers in foster care before going to his forever home.

The dog will have to undergo surgery to have his hind leg amputated and repair his damaged ear. He’ll also go through extensive dental work to remove his broken teeth.

The SPCA is hoping the public will reach out to help pay for the $4,000 vet bill that will make his recovery possible.

Chortyk said it appears the dog has never lived indoors, but through treats and encouragement he’s learning it’s a great place to be.

She hopes they can find a home for him where he can live a full life and be a “loved and cherished member of the family.

“He needs someone to teach him how to play and have fun – to go for a hike or a swim – all the things a dog loves to do,” she said.

“He is the perfect example of the innate ability animals have to forgive completely and love unconditionally.”

Donations are being accepted by the Squamish Valley SPCA online here, by calling 604-898-9890, by mail at Squamish Valley SPCA, PO Box 659, Garibaldi Highlands, B.C. V0N 1T0, or in person at the branch, located on Government Road in the Squamish Municipal Works Yard.