VANCOUVER -- The latest data released by the province suggests B.C. will collect thousands of dollars from pandemic-related fines, if the alleged violators pay up.

In a news release Tuesday announcing the renewal of a provincial state of emergency, the Ministry of Public Safety also gave the latest updates on fines issued relating to public health orders and other measures.

Since the pandemic began, the update said, 101 violation tickets have been issued in B.C. for alleged contraventions of the federal Quarantine Act. The sum of these fines is $328,442, the ministry said.

Additionally, 199 tickets have been given to people who the province describes as owners or organizers of events and gatherings that violate provincial health orders.

These tickets are each worth $2,300.

And another 38 violation tickets have been issued for alleged contraventions of the province's Liquor Serving and Premises Order, as it relates to public health orders. These tickets are also worth $2,300.

Another 1,099 tickets, this time with a price of $230 each, have been issued to individuals who allegedly have refused to comply with direction from law enforcement.

Adding up the tickets listed in Tuesday's release, the total is $457,700 for those said to be behind the gatherings, $64,400 for the liquor violations and $252,770 for the individuals.

Adding to those totals the Quarantine Act fines, officials would stand to collect $1,103,312 if everyone pays their tickets.