VANCOUVER -- Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has become a household name during the novel coronavirus pandemic, inspiring an online fan club and even a music video tribute, and now, she is also getting a shoe named after her.

Dr. Henry has often been seen sporting footwear from John Fluevog during her daily news conferences, and the Vancouver-based designer behind her shoe of choice has also taken notice.

"A constant and outstanding source of knowledge and reassurance during the current fight against the spread of COVID-19, Dr. Henry has deservedly earned admirers for her thoughtful and genuine analysis through this time of uncertainty," the shoe company said.

"One of those admirers? None other than John Fluevog himself."

The company says the shoes were inspired by Dr. Henry and were "designed with her blessing and in honour of their namesake."

Describing the health officer as an "avid Fluevoger," the company praised Henry's tone as calm and comforting, but still direct, realistic and educational.

"We always like to find ways to help, and to highlight those who are doing good in our world," the designer said. "To hear about see that our admiration for Dr. Henry was mutual was just a beautiful cherry on top of already great idea sundae."

The magenta heels are typical of Fluevog's whimsical style, with a large buckle, chunky heel, interlacing and patent leather accents.

The "Dr. Henry" also carries some words from its namesake stamped on the inside of the shoe which read, "be kind, be calm and be safe."

The pre-sale of the Dr. Henry will be available later this month and is part of the designer's line called "Operetta."

All of the proceeds from the pre-sales will go towards Food Banks BC, according to the company.