The murder trial of a Delta man has ended in New Westminster Supreme Court with his pleading guilty to second degree murder in the stabbing death of his toddler daughter as she watched television a year ago.

Lakvinder Kahlon originally pleaded not guilty two weeks ago when the trial began, but abruptly changed his plea.  It's not known why he decided to change his plea.

The court heard horrific details about the killing of Rajvinder. The girl was stabbed and beheaded while her mother was taking the couple's other daughters to school. She returned to find her kitchen covered with blood. Kahlon had already called 911.

Kahlon, an out of work drywaller, automatically gets life in prison. His parole eligibility will be determined on Thursday.

Speculation swirled in the Indo-Canadian community that Lakvinder Kahlon was depressed at least in part because his wife did not bear a son.

Last year Radio India host Gupreet Singh says he spoke to Manjit Kahlon in the family home, where he saw a picture of a Sikh saint couples pray to in the hope of having a male child.

Kahlon responded by saying her husband got the picture from a local Sikh temple and experienced peace of mind from the picture.

In February 2008, Vancouver MP Ujjal Dosanjh told CTV News B.C.'s Indo-Canadian  community needs to admit it has a problem.

"If we don't feel the shame, if we don't have remorse, we won't change," he said.

With a report from CTV's Shannon Paterson