ABBOTSFORD -- Bring a big appetite to Lully’s Food Experience in Abbotsford because the portions are huge. The owner also has a reputation for serving up a healthy dose of generosity.

When Andrew White, known affectionately as Skully, found out one of his regulars, Tim Hiscock, was sick and needed a new kidney, he stepped up.

"I said, if I’m a match, it’s yours," the hot dog chef told CTV News. "Why not? He needs it, and I’ve got an extra one."

After a trip to the clinic, White found out he was a match. He picked up the phone and called Hiscock, a man he recognized as a frequent customer, but until recently didn’t know his name.

"I said, dude, you got my kidney," White said while serving up a Montreal smoked meat sandwich. "I can live on one if it helps him out."

Now curious customers are stopping by his unassuming food stand located in the Canadian Tire parking lot.

People like Chris Stanko, who got a new kidney last month, and just had to meet the man who’s giving-up a piece of his body to a stranger.

"Donors like him are heroes," said Stanko. "Because they give people who are on a wait list another chance."

"It’s amazing. I’ve never heard of an owner offering their kidney to a customer," another Lully’s regular told CTV News.

The operation could happen any day now, so White is on a strict diet. But he still has the sense of humour people love, and delights in telling new customers his eatery’s three rules: no ketchup, no sauerkraut and no Manchester United. White is a diehard Liverpool fan.

"There’s a risk in everything," he said. "You know what? I could die next week. Again, I don’t see it like it’s a big deal."

His only condition? White wants the procedure done by March 16, so he can enjoy a good whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day.