VANCOUVER -- A B.C. camper's recent trip became more expensive than they likely expected after they were handed a fine for defrosting their dinner.

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service posted on social media Tuesday saying a camper had left some pork chops out at a Chilliwack site. 

"A camper was fined for attracting dangerous wildlife," the post says, adding that the group went riding while the meat was left to thaw. 

"Bear activity had already been reported at the rec site and campers warned to secure food."

BCCOS did not indicate how much the person was fined, but CTV News has reached out for more details. 

BC Parks advises campers to store their food safely, ideally in food storage lockers. If none are available, campers should hang food by a rope system or from a tree in an area that a bear could not reach. 

And scented products like toothpaste or perfumes should also be packed away. 

Anyone who sees a bear should make noise, but avoid surprising the animal. Call, sing, clap or talk loudly, BC Parks recommends. 

Campers should stay together in groups when possible, keep pets close and use designated campsites. 

And, BC Parks reminds all park visitors, feeding a bear is against the law.