VANCOUVER -- Following a week of frigid weather filled with winter-related warnings, Vancouver's forecast is starting to look more familiar with at least seven days of rain ahead.

Starting Monday, Environment Canada predicts Vancouver will see rain every day through Sunday. Temperatures are expected to be relatively moderate, with highs dipping no lower than 8 C and getting to a possible 10 C on Friday.

Monday night could see the coldest temperatures of the week, with lows forecast at 3 C. The first day of the week is predicted to see up to 10 millimetres of rain during the day. Wind is also expected to pick up late in the evening and continue through Tuesday. 

This soggy weather comes after a week of freezing temperatures and several days of snow. While the remnants are now melting, some concerns of localized flooding have been raised by residents. (link to Regan's story)

But Environment Canada meteorologist Dave Wray told CTV News Vancouver that temperatures are not expected to rise rapidly or by large amounts, which is ideal for avoiding flooding related to melting snow.

"I wouldn’t anticipate the snow to melt at a rapid pace," Wray said. "Which is perfect. It’s exactly what you want and that should hopefully keep things at bay."

The slow melt will likely allow some built-up ice to linger, however.

Weather warnings subside

While temperatures are warming up in the Lower Mainland, a few weather warnings are still in place across the province. 

The Peace River and Williston areas are both under snowfall warnings, while the North Coast is under a winter storm warning. 

However three warnings is a dramatic shift from last week, when some days saw over 20 advisories blanket the province. 

With files from CTV News Vancouver's Regan Hasegawa